Each member of the family plays a role in crafting Lewelling Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.

Dave Wight

Dave studied philosophy at Harvard and has a degree from U.C. Davis in viticulture and enology.  He has been the winemaker and director of Lewelling Vineyards since its inception 24 years ago and now continues as the consulting winemaker. 

Doug Wight

Doug graduated from Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo and managed vineyards for Martini Winery prior to starting his own business in 1977. Today he operates the family vineyard as well as managing 500 additional acres of Napa Valley vineyard. 

Alan Wight

Alan, an electrical engineer, is a key member of the winery decision-making team. He is also an acclaimed birder and our family naturalist, instrumental in ensuring that species diversity on our wild ranch land is protected and that our treasured natural heritage is preserved.

haley Wight

Doug's daughter Haley has joined the family business as winemaker with a degree in earth science and years of winemaking experience for her own label.  She is among the 6th generation of the Lewelling family working on the ranch.